Sunday, March 24, 2013

...and here are some people who know...(video)

This was recorded by my husband, and myself 
as a PSA and  fundraiser while I was a seller at Etsy

The story of how and why my husband and I did this PSA (public service announcement) for the 
American Cancer Society will be blogged about coming soon.

He was a beloved disc jockey at a local radio station (WSDR am1240) in Sterling, IL back in 2010
and his listeners didn't even know he was battling cancer  until this PSA aired on his show
on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the station. As he starts this piece, he says, "Cancer can attack anyone at any time, and here are some people who know..."

I will tell you now, that I FOUND copies of the (3) PSAs we did for ACS
on his cell phone only recently.  These are some of the only audio files I have of my husband, in fact, so they are very precious to me.      

I was moved today to put them in this small video for my blog and my readers 
(not on YouTube).

Thank you for listening to the piece and yes, 
do consider supporting the American Cancer Society today.

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  1. I Suz, I know how hard he battled and how much you loved him. I know to many people who have to suffer from this. I have a 40 year old girlfriend who has battled breast cancer 4 times...CANCER SUCKS! I thought of you often and prayed for peace for you and your hubby.
    Hugs to you. May the sound of your hubbys voice be like a sweet embrace.